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Listen to our group performances from UIL Concert and Sightreading!  Click the link below!

Don't forget to practice with a metronome!  Here are some great online resources:

Mobile Metronome for Android (free)  

Steinway Metronome for Apple (free)

Metronome+ (sometimes free, more advanced version costs $)

First Day of School!  

         Monday, August 28th

         No instruments today - except for Consortium  


Welcome to Our New Website!

Perlman - Indian Concertino - Chant to the Moon begins at 2:38

Upcoming Events

Solo/Ensemble Festival

         Saturday, April 22nd


Ambassadors Retreat

         Friday, August 25th - 9am-3:15pm

         With performance the next morning, 7:30am at

          Bronco Camp

McKinney Boyd High School Orchestra

McKinney Boyd High School Orchestra

Boyd Orchestra Parent Informance

         Tuesday, September 12th - 7pm

         MBHS Auditorium

Learning music for life!